David's website!

e at my name is David and I'm student of Computer Science at Pompeu Fabra High School

I have developed four coding projects:

In the first project about image map creation I follow this procedure :

  1. Download the image to create an image map to create an image map, in my case "sport newspaper"
  2. Open the gimp software and click on file/open to open the image ad after click over filter and image map.
  3. On the image map screen, click on the polygon symbol to create an irregular area. You need to do it several times to create several areas of interest.
  4. On the image map screen, you need to create a link and description of the area of interest. Save your work in map format.
  5. Open the map file created with the Gimp image map editor using Visual Code Studio software.
  6. Add html code using html tag <> and head and body tags.
  7. Connect mapper.js library in the html code to create areas of interest of different colors.
  8. Upload the html code, the image, and the mapper.js library to your neocities webpage.